Improving the Autotests framework

This page is to register improvements that can be made to the Autotests framework. Note that each item should be digested and raised as a Gitlab issue here in order for action to be taken.



'Results' is for each combination of test and software a true or false. To be honest it's not a very easy way to look at results and has been a blind spot. Tests is better. Perhaps I should (make an issue to) remove it.

Docx upload gets 500 error


Clone tests

I cloned my track changes test, but cannot convert it from a fragment test to a file test. I will re-create it but suggest that this could be a useful feature.

Yes there is no such function. It would be fairly simple to add. Hardest part is what to call the test.

However, I'm not sure I think it is useful. The XML fragment gives focus to what you are doing. Once it exists, the hard part is done.

XPath tests outside the XML fragment

It would be useful if you want to have an XPath that matches outside the XML fragment.

Factories with different language / locale

Factories are identified by base O/S, application family, application name, application version. Additionally, Language should be added to enable the same version but with a different locale to be used.