Autotest factories

An Autotest Factory is a running instance of an ODF application.

The factory subscribes to an Autotest server and publishes it's capabilities. Once it is registered, test documents are queued and processed at the factory, with the output returned to the test server.

Factories operate on Windows and Linux platforms as well as interfacing with API-based ODF processors. The operate a variety of applications, languages/locales and application versions including MS Office, LibreOffice, Abiword, Google Docs and Words.

Two services are available:

  • Validate - Check that the document is valid
  • Convert - Receive, load and save the document, return the output

Documents are processed across all available platforms and results are returned in seconds when workloads are small. Additional replica factories can be deployed to increase bandwidth as and when required.

For Microsoft Windows-based applications, factories operate as virtual machines and different applications can run concurrently, for example, one VM running MS Windows can host LibreOffice and OpenOffice at the same time.

Most Linux-based applications are implemented as Docker appliances therefore many applications can co-exist on a single host.