Get the most out of your day with new calendar features in Outlook.com

Your life is busy, and your time is valuable—so it’s essential to have a calendar that is both powerful and easy to use. Today, we’re introducing several new features that make your Outlook.com calendar more intelligent and helpful.

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Expanding OneDrive version history support to all file types

OneDrive is expanding version history to support all file types for your OneDrive personal account—one of our most highly requested features. OneDrive is committed to helping you focus on being more productive and having to worry less about accidental edits by you or others collaborating with you.

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Taming the LibreOffice Help System

LibreOffice’s help system needs to evolve and be more effective for users.

LibreOffice’s help system was designed in 2003-2004 and released in 2005. Since then it has not evolved, except for the introduction of an online version hosted in a wiki server (and accessible from LibreOffice when the local help is not installed).

I worked recently to transform our ancient help system into a modern browser-based version. The partial result is available in the (temporary) website at https://helponline.libreoffice.org – please be advised that this is still work in progress.

The XML help pages are transformed into pure, almost static and responsive HTML. This approach has some advantages:

  • Works in every browser
  • Provides the current functionality of the help system
  • Preserves the current development, help authoring, release engineering and translation process as it is
  • You can read the help pages in your mobile phone or tablet
  • It’s easy to add extra markup for better search engine indexing

The disadvantage is an increase in disk storage on the server.

Transforming XML into HTML for every browser

The help pages were designed when the minimal standard HTML was version 3.2 and, since then, many developments have brought us HTML5 in all major browsers. There is little advantage now to keep the current XML, and all of its designed functionality can be replaced and improved by HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for example, adding better navigation and multimedia contents.

The new Help page layout benefits of many modern technologies

Help system functionalities preserved

By using cascaded style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, it was possible to emulate and preserve the functionality for the offline help system.

Mobile use

You may question why desktop software needs a help system that fits in a mobile phone or tablet. Actually, the online help pages can not only be opened by LibreOffice in your desktop browser, but also be a LibreOffice reference for other uses – such as simple web surfing and responses to a web search.

Help system in a mobile phone?

Searching from the web

Many of us are familiar with the fact that pages returned by a search mechanism depends on careful configuration of the HTML pages. That domain of search engine optimization (SEO) is an open avenue for improvements in the way we write help content and use the right configuration. Opinions and advises are welcome from the community. As a start,
the online help contains a set of microdata from schema.org under the TechArticle schema.

The road ahead for LibreOffice help

Still, a better solution for the LibreOffice help may be found. The main issue remains in finding a better tool to comfortably edit the XML, and make it easy to add multimedia and other content. Editing XML files is not a fun job for most of us, and is done in text editors or the old Help Authoring extension. Here two approaches are possible to ease the authoring job:

Improve the Help Authoring extension to handle the improvements for LibreOffice help contents (eg multimedia), or progressively move to pure HTML(5), to benefit of the hundreds of WYSIWYG HTML editors available either online and offline…

Help Authoring extension installed in LibreOffice Writer

The Help Authoring extension is installed in LibreOffice to allow page editing in Writer. It has the advantage of performing lots of XML checks, but at the same time it becomes a challenge to modernize its set of BASIC macros, XSLT transformations and styles.

On the other hand, the strategy is to progressively add new pure-HTML tags in the XML DTD (Document Type Definition), slowly and carefully phasing out some of the complex markup of the current XML. As example, the current XML tag

<paragraph id=”hd_id3147331″ role=”heading” level=”1″ xml-lang=”en-US”>

can be replaced by well known HTML

<h1 id=”hd_id3147331″>

tag because we already know that role=”heading” and level=”1” uniquely means <h1> and xml-lang is not used any more. A partial map of XHP tags to HTML5 can be found here.


We want to make our help application more user-friendly, providing modern content and being a reference for LibreOffice on the web. The new online help layout is a step in this direction, but much more is to be done and the LibreOffice community is invited to help us. Get involved today!

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2017-07-18 Tuesday.

  • Mail chew, paperwork, lunch, build slides & projections, commerical call, did some memory profiling; always nice to spot a stray 1Gb of RAM allocated in error.
  • Really pleased to notice that ARM release their v8a machine-readable architecture spec/ - have always been irritated in the past to see gcc/as, valgrind, llvm, mono, etc. write their own hand-coded machine-code parsers / generators - would love those to be auto-generated from some decent descriptions for all of the modern, relevant CPU architectures.


2017-07-17 Monday.

  • Mail chew; product & consultancy calls, paperwork, board call, partner call. Played a little with Samuel at lunch & dinner.

How to preserve html formatting with odf-report in libreoffice

It appears that when importing a text-field from a wysiwyg-editor (ckeditor) using odf-report, the html formatting is not preserved in LibreOffice, but html tags are displayed as plain text --> <i>some text</i>

Is there a way to preserve the html formatted text? --> some text


Office 365 helps Odette New York take care of business so they can focus on their craft

Office 365 played a key role in the evolution of a unique New York business.

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Month of LibreOffice: Stickers in action!

Back in May we had a Month of LibreOffice, celebrating contributions all across the project, from code and documentation through to translations and bug reports. 304 members of our worldwide community won stickers, and we’ve received some photos of them in action – so here they are!

The first is from Gabriele Ponzo, who is in The Document Foundation’s Membership Committee and already has plenty of LibreOffice stickers:

Next up is Osoitz E who helps to translate and localise LibreOffice into Basque:

Franklin Weng promotes LibreOffice and the Open Document Format in Taiwan, and sent us this photo:

Finally, Buovjaga from our QA community has a novel use for his sticker:

We’ll be repeating the Month of LibreOffice in November, so you’ll have another chance to grab a sticker – but you can get involved with our friendly community at any time.…

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2017-07-16 Sunday.

  • Got babes up, fine cooked breakfast with the wider family & friends, packed the car, bid 'byes, set off home via Sue's with T&B&S. Good to see the other nephews briefly, home - got unpacked, and T&B&S. to sleep.


2017-07-15 Saturday.

  • Up, enjoyed watching the extraordinary preparations of hair, faces, dresses for a slew of young beauties. Set off for the wedding venue, went rather slowly so as to be on time, arrived. A lovely, moving service. Off to Wyck Hill House for a fine reception - babes played quartet for light music; fine food, speeches, toasts - much dancing & chatting with interesting people until rather late.


2017-07-14 Friday.

  • Everyone up early, quartet practice, out for a run with J. Mail chew. Set off early to collect babes from All Saints & Soham, drove at length to Swindon to stay at David & Gillian's house before Robert & Amelia's wedding. Fine food, home & company, lots of preparation - bouquet making, and so on. Up late drinking port & enjoying cheese with David. /* Adoption - turned on link to Russia article */

‎Adoption - turned on link to Russia article

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Line 280: Line 280:
* [[Norway]]<ref name="NorwayDocumentStandard">{{cite web |title=New obligatory IT standards for the state sector adopted |url=http://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/fad/press-centre/press-releases/2009/new-obligatory-it-standards-for-the-stat.html?id=570650 |accessdate=19 December 2012}}</ref>
* [[Norway]]<ref name="NorwayDocumentStandard">{{cite web |title=New obligatory IT standards for the state sector adopted |url=http://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/fad/press-centre/press-releases/2009/new-obligatory-it-standards-for-the-stat.html?id=570650 |accessdate=19 December 2012}}</ref>
* Russia
* [[Russia]]
* [[Serbia]]
* [[Serbia]]
* [[Switzerland]]
* [[Switzerland]] Added reference to answers of the German government to its policy of usage of ODF and OSS

Added reference to answers of the German government to its policy of usage of ODF and OSS

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** [[Denmark]]
** [[Denmark]]
** [[France]]
** [[France]]
** [[Germany]]
** [[Germany]]<ref name="bundestag-drucksache-17-5730">{{cite web |url=https://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/17/057/1705730.pdf|title=Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage der Abgeordneten Dr. Konstantin von Notz, Ingrid Hönlinger, Memet Kilic, weiterer Abgeordneter und der Fraktion BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN – Drucksache 17/5589 |date=5 May 2011 |accessdate=14 July 2017}}</ref>
** [[Hungary]]
** [[Hungary]]
** [[Italy]]
** [[Italy]]


Valid OpenDocument Spreadsheet File won't open in Excel Online & Google Docs

I created a OpenDocument Spreadsheet File (Test.ods). The ODF Validator (https://odf-validator.rhcloud.com) says "The document is conformant ODF1.2!". But if try to open it in Microsoft Excel online or Google Docs, thither say, it's a corrupt file. Why? The structure is fine!

Firebird support for Decfloat will be enabled in Firebird 4.0

Firebird support for Decfloat will be enabled in Firebird 4.0 (Can be tested with latest snapshots)Decfloat is a new SQL:2016 standard type introduced by IBM in DB2

Firebird Documentation Funding 2017

Documentation Funding 2017 Reached close to 3500$ of the 5000$ Goal , We need more help to reach the target https://www.firebirdsql.org/en/doc-funding-2017/ The Firebird Project's 2017 project is to translate into English the Firebird Developer Guide, a Russian-language work sponsored by IBSurgeon and Moscow Exchange, edit and review it and publish it in the project's documentation library. For


Redesigned navigation, conversations and search in Outlook for iOS and Android

New Outlook experiences make it easier for you to communicate, collaborate and manage your time while on the go.

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Gallup chooses Microsoft 365 Enterprise to build on its culture of engagement

"When it comes to empowering our associates to achieve better results, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a natural fit for the next phase in our ongoing drive to create a sustainable culture of engagement." —Find out why Gallup selected Microsoft 365 Enterprise, from Melissa Moreno, executive director of Infrastructure and Cyber Security at Gallup.

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LibreOffice Conference 2017 in Rome – register now!

This year’s LibreOffice Conference will take place from 11 – 13 October in Rome, Italy. It’s a great opportunity for LibreOffice developers, users, supporters, translators and other members of the community to meet up, share ideas and make plans for future versions of the software.

And you can join us! On our conference website you’ll find a registration form, along with useful practical information.…

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New business apps in Office 365 Business Premium help you run and grow your small business

To make Office 365 more valuable for small businesses, we are announcing the preview of three new applications—Connections, Listings and Invoicing. We’re also introducing a Business center and adding MileIQ for Business Premium subscribers.

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Introducing Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, delivering a complete, intelligent and secure solution to empower employees.

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Heritage plus technology: Fruit of the Loom weaves Microsoft 365 Enterprise into its workplace

"We looked at other collaboration tools, but we chose Office 365 and now are enhancing our cloud-based productivity tools with a move to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. It answers the enterprise-level challenges that we face around security and compliance, while fostering increased mobility, creativity and collaboration using content and data that contain intellectual property." —Read more about Fruit of the Loom’s move to Microsoft 365, empowering employees to foster a new culture of work.

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Day against DRM

Sunday, July 9, is the Day against DRM. The Document Foundation supports the global campaign led by FSF, to raise the awareness of issues related to the so called Digital Rights Management software. As any other proprietary technology, DRM is killing user freedom of choice, and should always be avoided.

LibreOffice users are fighting a similar battle when they are promoting the ODF standard file format against the OOXML pseudo-standard, and they should be amongst the first to support the Day against DRM on social media or by educating their contacts.…

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Hacker Space Rømø

Of the series of precious places to hack on LibreOffice.

Hacking on LibreOffice with dune view.

LibreOffice Templates

There are many user of LibreOffice that contribute their templates to the public under a free software license. The Document Foundation provides a website to host such LibreOffice templates. The site hosts 352 template projects now. You could search for this LibreOffice templates and download them from: https://extensions.libreoffice.org/templates

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo will be welcoming LibreOffice people also ;)

The photo above is taken by @ftake, openSUSE.Asia Summit Tokyo project manager

Dear Asian LibreOffice folks,

Finally, the official announcement of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo has been published! It will take place at the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan on October 21 and 22.

I think it is wonderful that openSUSE people have their own annual event in Asia, and I proud to have an opportunity to help them.

LibreOffice is a quite different from linux distro like openSUSE because it is a consumer product; most users aren't tech people nor computer geeks and they use it with their own languages only (yes, it is one of LibreOffice projects' goal to use it with our mother tongue), however, I believe that we, Asian LibreOffice people, might have something to collaborate even we use different languages.

So, please mark October 21 and 22 on your calendar to come, and prepare to submit nice LibreOffice talks. CfP will be published soon, then I will share here.

See you in Tokyo!

NOTE: Just a copy & paste article from Facebook post.  Sorry!


Transform your organization with Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Microsoft Workplace Analytics, a powerful new organizational analytics solution, is now generally available as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan. Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioral insights that can be used to improve productivity and employee engagement.

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Can I configure odf-report?

I'm struggling with odf-report under Rails. I created some 50 templates with placeholders in LibreOffice. Now I try to fill these placeholders with data from my application as shown in the documentation. Problem: odf-report recognizes a placeholder at square brackets ("[" and "]"). However, LibreOffice creates placeholders surrounded by pointed braces ("<" and ">"). So, odf-report doesn't replace anything. Can I configure odf-report to fill my LibreOffice placeholder with data? If so, how do I do that?


Rückblick aufs LibreOffice Community-Treffen

Ein Rückblick auf das erste LibreOffice Community-Treffen des Jahres 2017, diesmal in Berlin


Rails, odf-report: all images replaced bij same picture?

Following the instructions at: sandrods/odf-report:

In my odt-file I have four mock-images, with four different names (graph1, graph2, graph3, graph4). In my controller I wish to replace them by four different images:

r.add_image :graphd1, "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/chart01.png"

r.add_image :graphd2, "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/chart02.png"

r.add_image :graphd3, "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/chart03.png"

r.add_image :graphd4, "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/chart04.png"

However, the result is that ALL mock-images are replaced by chart04.png?

The images chart01,02,03,04.png are available and are all different. Is there something I overlooked? thnx!


June 2017 updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Query add-in

Today, we released eight data transformation and connectivity updates for Get & Transform—a powerful set of Excel 2016 features based on the Power Query technology, which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities.

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ODF Toolkit: Get string value from cell without the comment from ods or odf dodument

ODF Toolkit provides the method getStringValue() to get the cell string content. If the cell has or even had a comment the getStringValue() returns the existing or former existing comment + the cell content.

Cell cell = column.getCellByIndex(0);
String value = cell.getStringValue();

How do i get only the cell content without the comment?

Example output ('PDF' is the visible cell content):



Workaround is parsing the 'value' which is not error proof.


Results from the Survey about LibreOffice Features

Unused features blur the focus of LibreOffice, and maintaining legacy capabilities is difficult and error-prone. The engineering steering committee (ESC) collected some ideas of what features could be flagged as deprecated in the next release – 5.4 – with the plan to remove them later.…

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Competition for a LibreOffice Mascot

Java has the Duke, SUSE is known for its Geeko, KDE is going with Konqui, Krita welcomes you with Kiki, and Mozilla frightens the user with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. All major applications are known by a mascot.…

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Beast 0.11.0 and onwards…

We have just released Beast version 0.11.0: Beast 0.11.0 Announcement The announcement gives a high level overview of the changes (Soundfont support, multi threaded signal processing, new packaging, etc) and links to all the details like NEWS, tarballs, the binary package and shortlogs. In this post, I’d like to extend a bit on where we’re


OOXML – Bug to bug compatibility needed to Word

As you know I often publish things how good Microsoft office adheres to it’s own standard. It should be known that LibreOffice needs to produce non-conform OOXML (docx,xlsx etc.) files to be able to open files created with Microsoft Word. This time linking to the commit message of one of our developers as a proof …


Qué es la GDPR, LOPD y como afecta a tu empresa (ESP)

Qué es la GDPR, LOPD y como afecta a tu empresa (ESP) admindocxp Sun, 06/25/2017 - 23:47

El nuevo Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD o GDPR) en España, ¿como te afecta como empresa?:

1. ¿Qué es el RGPD / GDPR?:

El Reglamento General de Protección de Datos es un reglamento, de obligado cumplimiento, que regula todos los datos de carácter personal que utilizamos, ya que, por la vida que llevamos, internet (redes sociales, compras, viajes, gustos, vídeos, etc), cámaras de vigilancia, etc nuestros datos personales pueden estar al alcance de muchas personas, por ello, su regulación.

El Reglamento (RGPD o en inglés GDPR) es para proteger los derechos sobre el uso de los datos de carácter personal utilizados por cualquier persona física o jurídica. De forma que hay que definir medidas para garantizar el derecho a saber cómo se gestionan sus datos personales (tanto la inclusión como el borrado de estos).

2. ¿Cuando entre en Vigor?:

El Reglamento ya está en vigor y debe estar plenamente implantado antes del 25 de mayo de 2018, pudiendo, ser sancionados aquellos empresarios y empresas que no lo cumplan (20 millones de euros como máximo o, cuando sea una empresa, la cuantía equivalente al 4% como máximo del volumen de negocio total anual global del ejercicio financiero anterior, optándose por la de mayor cuantía.). ¿Está tu empresa preparada?. ¿No lo has hecho todavía? Docxpresso te puede ayudar con la gestión de los datos para cumplir la normativa (http://docxpresso.com/).

3. ¿Cómo Afecta el Reglamento (RGPD) en la L.O.P.D. (Ley Orgánica sobre Protección de Datos) Española?:

Todas las materias sobre protección de datos se unifican a nivel europeo para así reforzar la seguridad jurídica y facilitar su gestión a nivel burocrático, no más papeleo. Docxpresso te ayuda con la digitalización de los datos de tu empresa: http://saas.docxpresso.com/es

A partir del 25 de mayo de 2018 el nuevo reglamento (RGPD) europeo tiene que estar aplicado en España de manera simultánea al resto de normas en materia de protección de datos: LOPD + RGPD.

  • A quién le aplica: están obligados las sociedades, autónomos, comunidades, asociaciones y Administración Pública establecidos en la Unión Europea, y, los que estén fuera, estarán obligados aquellos que sus servicios se dirijan hacia residentes en la Unión Europea.
  • Cifrado: las empresas pueden elegir entre dos opciones:
    • Un sistema profesional de cifrado robusto.
    • O bien el espectro ensanchado  (la información no podrá ser manipulada por terceros y será ininteligible).
  • Fisura en la Protección de Datos: cuando el responsable de seguridad detecte una fisura en la protección deberán notificarlo en un plazo máximo de 72 horas a la Asociación Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD).

4. Descarga de los ficheros:

Con el nuevo Reglamento (RGPD) los responsables y encargados de tratamiento harán un registro de actividad de tratamiento internamente, por lo que, no hay que inscribirlos en la Asociación Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD).

5. ¿Que novedades conlleva el Reglamento?:

  • A partir del 28 de mayo de 2018 cuando vayamos a recoger datos personales deberemos entregar mucha más información que la que se ha dado hasta ahora: deberemos dar un consentimiento expreso por escrito; en el caso de los menores de 16 años serán los padres o tutores legales los que firmarán dicho consentimiento.
  • La implantación del Reglamento hará que el Responsable del Tratamiento deberá cumplir todos los principios aplicables, demostrando su cumplimiento, por lo que deben ser responsable proactivos (adelantarnos siempre a los problemas no a resolverlos una vez detectados).
  • Otra novedad es que la empresa tendrá más libertad para la implantación de las nuevas medidas de seguridad decidiendo que modelos, medidas técnicas y de organización aplicarán para tener un alto nivel de seguridad.
  • Aparece una Ventanilla Única para poder reclamar la vulneración de nuestros derechos.
  • Nueva Figura: Delegado de Protección de Datos (DPO); esté Delegado informará, asesorará y supervisará a los Responsables y Encargados de Tratamiento de las protecciones de Datos.
  • Aparece el Derecho al olvido o borrado de datos; se solicitará este derecho cuando el particular considere que sus datos ya no tiene validez para el organismo que los recogió o atenten contra su imagen.

6. Enlaces de Interés para Profundizar más sobre el Reglamento:


LibreOffice Online Homebrew

I compiled and run LibreOffice Online again, the version of LibreOffice that runs inside the browser with the option of collaborative editing.


2017 OASIS Open Standards Cup winners announced

OASIS is pleased to announce the winners of the fourth annual Open Standards Cup.

The winner of this year's Outstanding New Initiative is the OASIS Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF)TC.

The CSAF TC launched last November, chartered to standardize the Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF), a structured, machine-readable for communicating vulnerability-related advisories. The TC has already released CVRF v1.2 Committee Specification Draft 01 to the public for comment and review. Omar Santos of CISCO, the TC Chair, accepted the award.

read more


Announcing automatically updating Linux LibreOffice builds

I’m finally ready to announce LibreOffice daily builds for Linux that integrate our new automatic updater. The work on the automatic updater has been going on for nearly a year now and is finally in a shape that we produce …


Usability of Special Characters: GSoC 2017

Woah, Google Summer of Code with LibreOffice ( x2 ). This time, I’ll be working on improvement and rework of Special Characters feature in LibreOffice and adding some enhancements to it. I will be mentored by Samuel Mehrbrodt, Thorsten Behrens, and Heiko Tietze. I’ll encapsulate all the proposed changes with respect to the project in this […]


Survey on LibreOffice features

Due to its long history, LibreOffice has accumulated a staggering amount of features. Maintaining these features is not free, and having a massive amount of features may blur the focus of the software. In order to steer the development and to focus on the more important aspects we prepared a survey that investigates how often some features are used.…

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What motif for the next release do you prefer?

We asked recently for branding proposals for the upcoming release of LibreOffice. The task was also announced on the job board of the Open Source Design group and we got a couple of replies on their discourse forums. Below you we show the motifs embedded in the splash screen.…

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Krauss: /* See also */

‎See also

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* [[List of document markup languages]]
* [[List of document markup languages]]
* [[OpenDocument software]]
* [[OpenDocument software]]
* [[Standardization of Office Open XML#Reactions to standardization|Reactions to Microsoft lobbying at ISO]]


Employee Performance Evaluation Online Form

Employee Performance Evaluation Online Form admindocxp Tue, 06/13/2017 - 19:17

If you need to evaluate your staff with a simple form, you can use this free online form to evaluate the performance of your employees.

A more solid tool to evaluate your employees

If you need workflow, validation and review of the performance, you need Docxpresso. Docxpresso is the tool that enables you to create a custom installation of your forms to evaluate your staff. View our case study about how to evaluate your staff with Docxpresso.

Watermark for LibreOffice Writer

Recently I was working on Watermark feature for LibreOffice Writer. In case of TSCP Classification it was possible to add "Confidential" watermark in the document background. I extended that with possibility to add custom text, font family, color, transparency level and angle. Additional dialog was introduced in the menubar under "Insert" > "Watermark...". I improved also export and import for that kind of shapes from .dotx files. Now font-family is correctly loaded: RTF import also was improved, before Watermark was visible as a plain text:


New Setup Of Website And Blog

I had to setup my website and my blog due to some issues again. I’ll restore the content manually during the next days.


The best PHP PDF generator - Download it now.

The best PHP PDF generator - Download it now. admindocxp Mon, 06/12/2017 - 00:08

My name is XXX, and I am a student at XXXX University of Applied Sciences. I am currently working at XXX, a software company in The Netherlands.

This company asked me to research what PHP PDF generator suits their business software the best way possible. After a lot of research, Docxpresso was the generator that suited the needs of the company best, along with a lot of extra features that are more than welcome. XXX Company would therefore like to buy an API key for their company.

View a demo of our API generating charts and documents from your server.


Set Text Color with Apache ODF Toolkit (Java)

I have a TextDocument with user variables which i replace with database values. Now i want to change the text color (and maybe other attributes) in the resulting document (depending on the database value). Does anybody know how to do this? I've found examples for when dealing with spreadsheet-cells but not for normal text.



VariableField nameField = document.getVariableFieldByName("nameField");

//set the new value
nameField.updateField(newValue, null);

//change color of the text


Subway Tooter, a Mastodon client for Android

Best Mastodon client that supports multiple accounts I found so far for Android is Subway Tooter (jp.juggler.subwaytooter). If you don't use Google Play but F-Droid it's also available from the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository.

Unlike in the web client you can choose which account to use when you toot, boost, reply, follow, favourite or send a message, where otherwise the web client uses the account on the server you happen to be logged in.

  • http://googleforwork.blogspot.nl/
  • Office Blogs https://blogs.office.com/?feed=rss2
  • OASIS News and Announcements https://www.oasis-open.org/feed
  • https://www.oasis-open.org/news/feed
  • Best content in OpenDocument Format | Diigo - Groups https://groups.diigo.com/group/open_document-format/rss
  • ODF software recipe http://recipes.opendocsociety.org/recipes/;rss
  • OpenXML/ODF Translator Team Blog http://odf-converter.sourceforge.net/newblog/rss.php
  • OpenDocument - Revision history https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=OpenDocument&feed=atom&action=history
  • The Document Foundation Planet http://planet.documentfoundation.org/atom.xml
  • A blog by Jos van den Oever http://www.vandenoever.info/index.rss
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